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May 31, 2010
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Sandstorm by FragmentAngelus Sandstorm by FragmentAngelus
He is a SCOUT.

His name is Kaeydan Arie and he is a scout. He wields two blades that, when combined, make a compass. The inscriptions that revolve around each half of the blade allow the weapon's halves to bind to each other, forming the fully functional compass.

When I made this, I wanted to go for a believable outfit. A scout, in my mind, is a lot like a thief and I didn't like the idea of a thief wearing armour so I went for a more, tight-fitting, easily maneuverable outfit. My favorite part would have to be either the quilted jacket or the scarf, but that's just me <3

Kaeydan himself was raised in the desert which would explain the theme of his outfit (which I tried to make as...medieval fantasy-esque as I could).

Anyway, time for backstory. Kaeydan was born to a merchant family. His father had a job transporting a load of goods to a kingdom beyond the desert. Not knowing that they had crossed into Sahid territory, the merchant caravan was attacked and Kaeydan's mother and father were both killed. Kaeydan, only one at the time, was taken into the Sahid clan and raised to be a warrior. He, at first, didn't have great skills and was frequently bested by children younger than him, but, in adulthood, he began to accelerate in skill. Plagued by the knowledge that his family had been slain by those that raised him, Kaeydan lashed out, using his new-found abilities to exterminate a majority of the Sahid clan and earning himself the nickname "aasefatun ramleya" or "sandstorm" as well as making him a constant target for the grief stricken Sahid clan. He happened to have been caught in an ambush and, unprepared for battle, he was slow to react and ended up losing sight in his right eye to a well placed blade stroke.

At present, Kaeydan just wanders around Arrendol in the company of Alexis (the second contest submission ;D), searching for some meaning to his void life. He's not so much a trouble maker as he is a trouble magnet as it seems problems stalk him, making his life more difficult. Prince Raven happens to be one of his problems and, though he has a biting feeling that the prince and his party will not simply go away, he refuses to assist the noble in his quest to recapture his kingdom from Nero's grip.

Anyway, enjoy this <3 I'm probably going to make another submission before deadline. <3

Sai | 25 hours
Kaeydan Arie and Arcana Infinity (c) Moi~
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